Do You Want A Good Sense Of Rhythm?

Like any other musical skill, rhythm can be learned and mastered with the right systems. Get your advance copy of the Easy Rhythm Method today.


Read Music Better

Learn how to decipher challenging rhythms on the page, without hearing them first.

Play Better With Others

Develop your musical pulse so that others admire your steady timing.

Feel More Comfortable Playing Music

Have confidence that not only can you develop your sense of rhythm, you can become great at it.

Here's What You'll Learn

The Easy Rhythm Method is designed to help feel comfortable, and even great with musical rhythms. The skills you will develop include:

You will:

  • be able to play with other musicians more easily
  • understand how to figure out complicated rhythms
  • know how to read many diverse time signatures
  • understand many unusual printed rhythms and rests
  • feel much more confident with your own "natural" (which means "learned") sense of rhythm.

Here are some of the specific rhythms that are covered in this course:

Every Lesson has some detailed rhythm patterns to practise and learn. There is also a specific pulse training lesson to help you play with steadier rhythm. In addition to that, here are the new concepts that are introduced in each lesson:

Lesson 1 

  • Introduction to The Language of Rhythm, and Pulse
  • How to Use A Metronome
  • Quarter notes and rests
  • Half notes and rests
  • 4/4 time

Lesson 2

  • 3/4 and 2/4 time
  • ties
  • dotted half notes

Lesson 3

  • Eighth notes
  • Dotted quarter notes
  • Many eighth note patterns 

Lesson 4

  • Eighth rests
  • Syncopated patterns
  • Many 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 patterns

Lesson 5

  • More syncopation
  • Off beats
  • Sixteenth notes

Lesson 6

  • All 4/4 combinations of 2 sixteenth and 1 eighth note in 1 beat

Lesson 7

  • 5/4 time
  • Major introduction to 6/8 time
  • Triplets

Lesson 8

  • Many 6/8 patterns
  • Sixteenth notes in 6/8 time
  • Quarter and eighth rests in 6/8 time

Lesson 9

  • Dotted eighth note-sixteenth note combinations
  • Multiple bars rest
  • More sixteenth patterns in 6/8 time

Lesson 10

  • Introduction to Cut Time - 2/2
  • Half notes and half rests in cut time
  • Quarter notes and quarter rests in cut time
  • Eighth notes in cut time
  • Dotted patterns in cut time

Lesson 11

  • Introduction to Mixed Meter Time Signatures
  • 5/8 time
  • 7/8 time
  • How to count beats with 2 eighth notes alongside beats with 3 eighth notes when all eighths are equal length

Lesson 12

  • More combinations of Mixed Meter Time Signatures
  • 8/8 time
  • 11/8 time
  • Many dotted combinations and rests in mixed meters

Lesson 13

  • Quarter note triplets
  • more mixed meter times, like 8/8

Lesson 14

  • 32nd notes and 64th notes (that's a lot of black lines)
  • sextuplets
  • double-dotted eighth notes

Lesson 15 - Swing Rhythms - learn some of the basics of jazz rhythms

Bonus Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Rhythm!

  • Clap Along With These and Other Songs
  • Check Out This Groove
  • You Be The Judge
  • Really Handy Online Tools
  • Grab Your Pencil
  • Rhythm Patterns Up A Scale
  • The Walking, Rhythmic Body

Reference Section To Other Resources To Help You Improve 

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